Lafkiotis – Mavrodaphne de Patras

Variety:Mavrodaphne[Mavrodaf’ nee]  Lafkiotis MAVRODAPHNE cropped

Sun dried grapes are fermented and then the fermentation is stopped by cold shock.  The wine is aged in barrel for one year.


A round and generous, well-structured sweet wine that has a deep red color and an alluring finish.  The bouquet harmoniously blends the spicy aromas of dried plums with those of coffee and cocoa, accompanied by cinnamon and herbs.  Its velvety sweetness envelopes the palate and reveals its rich aromatic character, with cinnamon and a faint sense of vanilla.

750 ml / Alcohol content 15% by volume

Food Pairings:
Ideal as an after dinner wine or just sipping by the fire.


These wines are produced from grapes grown, processed, and bottled by the Lafkioti’s Winery (a third generation winery) located in Ancient Kleoni in the Nemea region of southern Greece. Download PDF Of Our Complete Wine Selection (PDF)