About Janavaras Enterprises LLC (JE)

Janavaras Enterprises LLC (JE), founded in 2009 by Basil and Linda Janavaras, is an importer of premium Greek wines.  We are based in Mankato, MN, USA.  Our goal is to provide our customers with quality Greek wines at the best possible price (Value for the money) from wineries that are committed to quality, consistency, adhere to high ethical standards and are environmentally friendly.

In Minnesota our wines are distributed by Lompian Wines, Phone: (651)-341-7286 , and can be found in a good number restaurants and liquor stores state-wide.  If you are interest in having JE’s wines in your state, please contact us at wine@janavaras.com .

When visiting Greece be sure to visit The Lafkiotis Winery, www.lafkiotis.gr , located in the Nemea region of Southern Greece.


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