About Janavaras Enterprises LLC (JE)

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Janavaras Enterprises LLC (JE) was founded by Basil Janavaras, Linda Janavaras and Scott Hollinger to supply the U.S. market (beginning in Minnesota) with quality wines from Greece and provide a unique experience to existing and new wine lovers. Janavaras Enterprises imports premium wines to Minnesota.

JE imports its wines from Lafkiotis Winery located in the Nemea region of Greece, Tetramythos Winery a certified organic winery located in the mountains near Kalavryta in the Achaia region of southern Greece (northwestern Peloponnese), and Gavalas Winery located on Santorini, a Greek island in the Aegean Sea. These wines are distributed by Vinocopia in Minnesota and can be found in selected restaurants and liquor stores statewide. JE strives to add the most value to its wines by importing from wineries that pay detailed attention to quality, consistency, are ethical and environmentally-friendly.


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